Welcome to TigerSpider

What is TigerSpider? Everyday it is becoming more and more about what makes us want to rush outside and tip our hats at the world.  We get really excited about life, humans, animals, plants, the occaicional mineral, and how they all coincide. It is the sounding board of our very own creation.  We hope to breathe life, sweet life, into this blog’s digital veins through the providence of word and image. We want to keep in touch and reach out.  So, dear friends, enjoy.


Emmett and Melissa

*Note: The question, who is TigerSpider would be answered quite differently.  She is Alice Jo and TigerSpider is her surname.  She is furry, petulant, and has four velveteen paws.  She occasionally allows the company of Emmett and Melissa.

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One response to “Welcome to TigerSpider

  1. marny

    Hey you guys! I just got your newest blog and have begun to read it, so-comments later. But it looks very professional (and personal) so far. I’m looking forward to reading it as time goes on!

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