Capucine – by Melissa

Once upon a time… from Capucha on Vimeo.

We’ve only known her for one day and we might already Ω her. Capucine is a four year old little girl who lives in France with her family.  She is a riveting storyteller and skilled actress. Her mother has been posting videos of her on for over three years.  Now, that which was probably an effort to keep Miss Capucine in touch with friends and relatives has made her a global sweetheart. Our friend Bonny sent me a link to this video—THANK YOU—it made my day.

This video, “Once upon a time…” was posted three months ago and has received half a million views. Although all of her videos are magical, this one is the most popular.  One might wonder how the mother, who posts as Capucha, has reacted in light of Capucine’s internet fame.  Capucha has scored one for the good stage moms (and I hesitate to use that term, because it really doesn’t apply in connotation) and has requested that Capucine’s fans help out with an project to build and stock a library in Mongolia.

Many of Capucine’s videos have have educational overtones, after all, she’s four! Everyday blows your mind at four! Capucine is learning to read, write, and speak English (we highly recommend the ultra cute video of her singing “What is this?”).  As a connoisseur of stories, Capucine is totally on board with her mom’s literacy project. She has illustrated three scenes from “Once upon a time…” with the sentence that inspired the images and her mom has made tee shirts of them. Proceeds from the tees go to Edurelief.

I knew immediately that I wanted to post about Capucine, so I set to work watching the other videos. I was not only taken with the cuteness, the magic, the cause, but also the music! Capucha knows how to choose a score.  Capucha and Capucine Ω life the same way we do!


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2 responses to “Capucine – by Melissa

  1. Brian

    I told Katie about your infatuation with this French child, and she is quite the jealous wreck. She has vowed to write a one-toddler show and take it to Broadway by her 3 and a half birthday in a desperate attempt to win back your hearts. I hate that there are now New York producers on her speed dial. We never should have gotten her that iPhone.

  2. Melissa

    Oh no, don’t be telling Katie lies!

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