At the moment, we, Melissa and Emmett, have just moved to Austin from Japan.  We come from Texas and Tennessee respectively but might just as well call Kentucky home where we spent the previous five years.    We miss beautiful, mountainous Japan where we worked as teachers but are relieved to reunite with our black cat, Alice Jo TigerSpider, who lives as an artist in Austin.

The Pages


We both write several posts a week about what we’re doing and what we’re interested in. We typically post at the end of the weekend and in the middle of the week.


We keep this page updated, so it’s literally about what we’re up to in a way the posts might not describe.  Also, here we want to let you know what we’re doing with the blog.


We live here and we think it is fantastic.  There is so much going on in Japan from pop culture, to technology, to strange new cultural phenomena.  In order to share our intrigue, we add to this page weekly.  Please check it out and click around on the links. You won’t be disappointed!

We Ω This

It’s an omega, the last Greek letter, the ultimate.  As we say at the top, this page is dedicated to our superlative loves.  There are events, publications, places, products and phenomena that we geek out on.  We think it’s really important to share this kind of ultra enthusiasm.  Some how saying “We ♥ This” felt too cutesy, too flimsy.  We opted for omega.  It is not ♥, nor is it love, it is pure geek infatuation. Please feel free to say you omega something.  But only if you really mean it.  We update Ω when the mood strikes. Check out this page!  We made it for you!

Ω Recipes

This is NEW!  We are gearing up for a blog on vegetarian recipes but until then, we’ll share what we have on this page.


This is pretty much all Emmett’s photography.  We quite fancy these photos, if we may say so ourselves. They are a lovingly told photo story of our adventures. We hope you enjoy them.


Please do! We Ω hearing from you.  Seriously.

2 responses to “About

  1. Lindsey Spillman

    I really like your website and am really happy for you and Emmett.
    Lindsey Spillman

  2. Cece

    You and Melissa have done an outstanding job. I really enjoy reading everything you have posted. Way to go!
    Hope you are well,

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