We Ω This

For the purposes of this page, we needed a character more serious than ♥ to express how we feel about these treasures.  And so we have Ω.  This is a page for our superlative loves.

Green Porno

Isabella Rossallini directs, writes, and stars in Green Porno, a series of one to three minute biologically accurate short films about the reproductive lives of creatures.  The writing is theatrical, the filming beautiful, and Rosallini hilarious.  Season One follows bugs and Season Two focuses on sea creatures with creative scoring, dramatic lighting and simple but riveting set and costume designs. Green Porno takes itself and its art seriously with Rossallini’s tantalizing control responsible for both the comedy and dramatic tension.  Each episode starts with “If I were a …” and follows with Rossallini flinging herself dramatically into creature character while giving an insightful analysis of the lives of spiders, bees, flies, right whales, limpets, angler fish and more.  Enjoy the artistically beautiful conceptualization of all the topics that made you snicker in biology class with a deadpan delivery.  Indeed, neither “green” nor a “porno,” the series reminds us of what is hilarious and seductive in nature.  Watch it here.

Kiva Microfunds

Kiva is a microlending organization that hooks you up with small scale entrepreneurs in developing nations. You read their business proposal and can decide to put some of your funds toward their goal.  For example, we loaned to two ladies in Kenya. One wanted $1000 to renovate her restaurant and another wanted $800 to expand the stock in her used clothing store.  We loaned $25 to each.  Both of them met their goals that same day. Over time, the lendees repay you and you can loan again or you can take your money out. We Ω Kiva for it’s gift certificate approach to outreach and philanthropy. It’s a great gift for some one who doesn’t want any more stuff, for people who like to give back, or for that person whom you have no idea what to get.

Doctor Horrible

Neal Patrick Harris plays another memorable doctor in the best $1.99 you will spend on iTunes. Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog ran in three acts beginning on July 15, 2008.  It is not a sing along or a blog, bur rather a musical mini-series staring Harris as Dr. Horrible, Felicia Day as Penny, Horrible’s love interest, and Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer, Horrible’s superhero nemesis. The story is shaped by the comic book superhero convention and is endlessly quotable in its hilarity with great musical numbers to rival any on Broadway.

Click here to check out Radiolab.


Boy howdy, do we Ω this science radio show.  Radiolab shares the science behind human phenomena in a narrative and beautifully radio-is-my-friend way.  I mean, we Ω this like we Ω The New Yorker. Well, nearly. It’s a WNYC radio program syndicated by NPR and is currently in its fifth season.  The hosts, Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, do five, one-hour episodes per season in which they examine seemingly basic artifacts such as sleep and memory and then ask all sorts of questions such as what does this do to my brain, how does it affect me physically? They bring in experts, people who witnessed a relevant event, and share relevant reporting. We Ω Radiolab because these guys Ω science and want to make it accessible to listeners. You can get the free podcasts from iTunes, listen to full episodes on their website, or catch them on your local NPR station. Click the image to check out Radiolab’s site.

Smart Wool Socks

Let us tell you about Smartwool socks. They are the Ω socks in the world! They are warm and cozy, and now they even look nice.  We Ωed them when they were just gray, but now they come in different colors and designs. My, how the world changes.  They use all New Zealand wool and, per a mandate set by Smartwool in 2005, you can be sure your socks come from sheep who have not been mulesed.  They will last you for years without becoming embarrassing.  Great for hiking, great for work, great for curling up and reading, and if you’re super confident, you can rock them with your sandals.


The Spill Crew

These guys do movie reviews through flash animated caricatures of themselves. Their tagline: “If it’s crap, we’ll tell you.” We Ω that they are straight forward, but always bring it back to a sort of knowledgeable commentary–not too film studies major, not too fanboy…or girl. These four guys (and a robot) are hilarious, from Austin, and, although sometimes lack a tempering female perspective, get a “full price” from us. We Ω them. Click pic to visit their site!

The New Yorker

We think this is, hands down, the best thing in circulation, nay, the best thing in print!  You can read a lot of the articles online, but we Ω that getting them in the mail approximates three Christmas morning feelings a month. Plus, you can take them with you everywhere like your beautiful, smart, interesting and extremely witty new best friend until the next one comes.  We recommend reading the issues back to front. Start with the winner of the cartoon caption contest, go backwards to movie reviews, then culture criticism, then features and profiles, wind down with “Shouts and Murmurs” and other citified editorials and, if you have the energy, “Talk of the Town.”  (We always have the energy!)  The photography and art balances the avant garde and the classic, but is always relevant and on point.  And, yes.  In a preliminary purusal of an issue before bedtime, it is acceptable to only read the cartoons.  We seriously Ω this.

Click image to visit newyorker.com!

6 responses to “We Ω This

  1. marny

    How nice to read about the things you love and recommend! Where is that icon you’re using, anyway?

  2. Melissa

    The icon/symbol/character is the Greek letter omega. Omega, the UTLIMATE! Haha, glad you like the recs.

  3. Bitner

    Dr. Horrible is the best thing.

  4. Courtney

    I cannot get enough of Radio Lab! How I ever survived without it, I do not know.

  5. marny

    Melissa, but where on the computer is the omega symbol????

  6. Jessie

    I omega Smartwool socks! Yes!
    Glad to hear things are still rocking in Japan. I miss you here, and thought about you both the other day because Jack suggested another lake house trip. Also, English Club is thinking of you!

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